Day 2 and 3

View teacher lecture about prewriting (you may want to give this a few minutes to load before viewing-the stopping and starting drives me crazy)

  1. Listen to the song, “Back Where I Come From” and read some student examples from Mrs. Lee's class or this one by Natalie Wright to spark your memories and get your ideas flowing.
  2. Create Brainstorming Map using this or feel free to create one online using a tool like Bubbl.Us In your prewriting, include as many toys, video games, TV shows, games, people, sayings, foods, places, activities, etc as you can think of. Even if they seem unimportant, they may spark other memories. Spend time thinking (remember think time is also part of the prewriting). Look through some old photos if you have them available. It would also be helpful to talk with family members and ask them what they remember about when you were little.
  3. Share your map with classmates by posting a link or uploading a file in the discussion area.
  4. Take time to view at least two of your classmates' maps and make a comment. You can ask a question or discuss something you had in common. *Remember it is not stealing/cheating if you notice something on someone else’s map that sparks a memory for you-add it to your brainstorming and let that person know that they helped you gather ideas.

For extra credit visit the link below and add your sticky note to the wall wall/evanswicf