Day 4

Now you are ready for drafting. Using your brainstorming map and what you learned about poetry, create your own “Where I’m From” poem. Use Lyon’s poem as a model. If you need extra support, you can use the template provided but try writing without it first. I know you want to present your classmates with the "perfect poem", but that is not our goal right now. First we need to get started and have something to work with. Your poem should:

  • Have at least 4 stanzas
  • Use the repeated line "I'm from.."
  • Group ideas in a logical manner
  • Have a unique and satisfying ending
  • Express ideas from your life
  • Be your original creation

*This is the hardest part of writing-getting started. Once you've put something down on that blank page, the ideas will start flowing. So get going-WRITE!**

Here are two templates. Choose one if you need help getting started. Just copy and paste it into your Word document. Remember it is your poem, so use the template as a guide. If you don't have something that fits one of the lines, feel free to adjust and change it up.

If you are interested here is one of my early drafts using the template:
and another version here