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View the presentation on Revision linked below
Revision Presentation

Today you will work on revising your poem. Revision means re-seeing. You must look at your poem with fresh eyes. Since we are writing poetry, we might also want to include re-hearing. Be sure to save all your drafts, you never know when you might want to look at a previous version. (This is the beauty of modern writing with a computer. Just save as draft1, draft2, etc)

Be sure to read your poem out loud. How does it sound? Are there places that just don't sound right?

Remember revision is not editing-you are not looking for errors or mistakes. You are looking for ways to make your poem better. Can you use more descriptive language? Are there words you can leave out or move around? Can you put in a simile? Do you like your ending? Are your stanzas grouped the way you want them? Don't forget to use your ARMS.

Add-What else do I need to include? Can I add a more descriptive verb? Can I add a simile?
Remove-Can I leave out any unnecessary words like of and the? Is there a line that doesn't fit?
Move-Is the information in the most logical place? Do I need to change my line breaks?
Substitute-What words could be replaced with clearer, stronger words?